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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Jul 31, 2023

#478: Bret Barrie was a Hall-of-Fame and President’s Club-winning sales rep and has been a top-producing sales leader in multiple industries. He is also the author of The Selling Edge: How to Reach the Top In Any Sales Industry, and his newest book Promoted: The Proven Path to Career Advancement. We talk about how...

Jul 26, 2023

#477: We tend to think of luck as completely random and out of our control. However, every action you take has uncertainty in it, so there is an element of “luck” in everything we do. Here's what we will cover in this episode: 

  • Luck is a spectrum and can be influenced
  • Some luck is out of our influence
  • But some...

Jul 10, 2023

#476: So I made a new friend. We’re kindred spirits. My new friend is called the fairy godmother of career breaks and sabbaticals.

Katrina McGhee is a Career Break and Sabbatical Expert, creator of the Break Blueprint and the author of the upcoming book, Taking a Career Break for Dummies. As a certified master coach...

Jul 3, 2023

#475: What is it like to turn a debilitating weakness into your life’s work?

Ty Hoesgen grew up on a farm in Canada where the closest town was only 800 people. He was terrified to talk to other people, but once he got his first job, he realized that communication was a huge weakness that needed to be overcome. So...