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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Jul 3, 2023

#475: What is it like to turn a debilitating weakness into your life’s work?

Ty Hoesgen grew up on a farm in Canada where the closest town was only 800 people. He was terrified to talk to other people, but once he got his first job, he realized that communication was a huge weakness that needed to be overcome. So he made communication his life’s work.

Today, Ty is a top communication coach, #1 best-selling author, and the Founder of Advanced Growth Institute. He helps professionals from around the world communicate with confidence, charisma, and clarity — so they can get more respect, become stronger leaders, and advance their careers.

Motivated by his past struggles, Ty has spent many years and thousands of hours researching, practicing, and experimenting in order to master the world of communication.

Determined to make others’ journeys less painful than his own, he’s dedicated his life to figuring out the success formula for communication skills.

Ty now uses this formula to help people make progress as quickly as possible — introverts, extroverts, and professionals of all skill levels. With an ever-growing list of client success stories, more people are becoming elite communicators every day!

When he isn't working, Ty enjoys lifting weights, playing piano, experimenting with breathwork, and seeing how long he can last in saunas and ice baths.