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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Feb 28, 2024



So The World Economic Forum recently released their top 10 "skills for the future of work."

Guess what made the list: flexibility, adaptability and resilience.

Why are those so important to the WEF?

Because the WEF knows that the future is changing rapidly, and companies need employees who can thrive in a...

Feb 21, 2024


You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. You must choose your path with the best odds.

Look there's 2 places people start when creating options:

  1. "I have no options. I can't imagine what else I could do."
  2. "I can do anything! How do I choose?"

It's work to realize that neither starting point is...

Feb 19, 2024

#513: Welcome back to another episode of The Break podcast, the space where we unpack the remarkable stories of individuals who've faced life's challenges head-on. I'm your host, Mike, and today's conversation is one that you don't want to miss.

Our guest today is Danielle Cobo, a powerhouse in resilience, courage, and...

Feb 14, 2024


I got fired in the middle of a meeting. Well, I was told the next day, but it happened in that meeting.

I knew it.

What a terrible feeling. I was up all night, walking the streets of Seattle in the dark by myself.

My mind racing between panic and planner modes.

I need a job

Can I even get a job?

Why did this...

Feb 7, 2024


FUD = Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

The triad that keeps us from betting on ourselves.

And keeps us on the incremental path to nowhere.

I used to be a FUD.

I grew up in a very fiscally conservative household.

My parents are well off, but massive penny pinchers.

This isn’t bad, in fact it’s noble.

However, saying...