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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Mar 29, 2007

In this 6 minute podcast CM will detail his top ten creative resume ideas that you can use for a successful job hunt.

Mar 26, 2007

In this news this week, CM reports on the definition of McJobs, Job hunting phrases and what they mean, a site to Blog for Jobs and the top 10 regions of the country for tech jobs.

Mar 23, 2007

Heather Mundell, a professional coach in Seattle Washington talks about coaching job seekers and gives us some advice for interviewing and other career management tips. Visit her site at

Mar 19, 2007

A roundup of the job search news for week ending March 17, 2007. Topics include the and Adicio partnership, Jobkite, Using Email Signatures in your job search and yet another video resume bash.

Mar 16, 2007

Former resume writer turned career advice webmaster, Heather Eager stops by to talk about resumes, job search planning and creative resume writing. She'll also detail some of her sites including one for Moms going back to work.