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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Jun 25, 2007

Dana Mattioli from Career joins me to talk about her latest article, "Tips for Creating a Resume That Downplays Job Hopping". We'll review the 6 tips you need to craft your resume around this problematic issue. (5min)

Jun 11, 2007

Latest happenings in the job search world. Including new tool for managine online profiles, job seeker blog leads to interview, renegging on a job offer, job board news and the long term effect of social media. (11mins)

Jun 4, 2007

This Weekly Job Search Podcast is a roundup of the top stories making news in the job hunting world. This week's topics include: Updates on the career advice search engine, Survey about fitting in, Blogforjobs updates, LinkedIn job hunting toolbar, Job board news, Summer job sites & more.