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Career Cloud Radio - Elevate Your Career Journey

Oct 16, 2016

Brian Howard is a Certified Career Management Coach, a Certified Job Search Strategist, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, and an actively practicing executive recruiter. He has helped thousands of job seekers over his 24 year recruiting career. It is from this experience and knowledge that he wrote The Motivated Networker. He’ joins me on the phone now from Kansas City MO Of your last few 2 clients who landed did they get them? (tell us the story of how they found the job & got hired) In your book, The Motivated Networker you provide a definition for networking that I’d like you to comment on. You defined networking this way: Professional networking is developing and maintaining reciprocal relationships with other professionals that over time could result in career or business opportunities. The power of your network is measured by the number and quality of relevant relationships you have. 2. You write about a Networking Mentality and you identify several attitudes that can make your job search networking more effective. Can you talk about those attitudes? 3. It’s a well-accepted fact that networking is one of the most effective methods to land a new job. ...why is networking so effective? 4. In your book, you talk about two levels of networking connections – one is your “Cabinet”, the other is your “Sales Company.” Can you talk about both, starting with your Cabinet? What is a Cabinet? 5. What is your Sales Company? 6. What are somethings a job seeker needs to do to prepare for successful networking? Elevator speech, exit strategy...what lse 7. In your opinion, what are some fertile networking groups?