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Career Cloud Radio - Elevate Your Career Journey

Dec 11, 2016

Amie Thompson is the founder and lead coach at of Sound Interview Professionals. Which she started after receiving lots of requests for help with resumes, holding practice interview sessions, and career coaching. Amie has more than 11 years of Human Resources experience and a Masters from Penn State University. She holds both the PHR and SHRM-CP certifications. Topics include; Where are you located? Tell me first, of your last few clients how are they landing jobs…did they see it first on a job board or other channel (be specific)? Why does the hiring process take so long? Have you ever seen anything that made a candidate really stand out as an applicant? What's the biggest mistake you see on resumes? What are the best questions to ask a hiring manager during an interview? What should I do if I can't answer an interview question? Last words of advice...