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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Sep 5, 2023

#484: I talk a lot about risk and uncertainty, but one of the most counterintuitive lessons I learned from my time in finance, entrepreneurship, and design is that there is an upside to uncertainty.

Sometimes chance encounters we never would have expected break our path and launch us in a better direction. These are our happy accidents.

Dennis Geelen is an accidental solopreneur.

After being laid off from his corporate job in 2018, he decided to bet on himself and launched a business consulting company, Zero In. Through Zero In, Dennis helped companies ‘solve indifference’ by implementing strategies to build a more customer-centric and innovative organization.

Author of the best-selling book ‘The Zero In Formula’, Mr. Geelen has worked with companies in several industries, spoken at countless events, conferences, workshops, and webinars, with dozens of guest appearances on international podcasts.

And now? Dennis also helps other solopreneurs get started. His latest book, ‘The Accidental Solopreneur’, and online course ‘The Solopreneur Playbook’ provide strategies and tactics for success.

Dennis is also the author of the Happy Accidents weekly newsletter and co-founder of the Solo Creator Summit. The Solo Creator Summit will take place September 20-21.