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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Apr 24, 2023

#466: What happens when you’ve reached “the top”, but you find it isn’t everything you thought it would be? How does being in the C-suite change the way you think about success, achievement, and happiness?

My guest this week is Clint Murphy. Clint rose to the top and became CFO of a large real estate development company based in Vancouver Canada. But I found Clint not in real estate circles or financial accounting circles, but rather, we connected around personal growth, entrepreneurship, and yes, career breaking.

The past few years, he’s been building out his future path, which is on its way to transition from a CFO to a full-time creator, coach and consultant and PE | RE investor and owner.

It's about teaching people how to get to the top in one area, to realize what their true passion and path is and how to move from one to the other without burning the boats or taking a ton of risk.

After all, Clint is first and foremost a husband and father to two young boys, now 14 and 11.

What does his Pivot look like? He started taking content creation seriously in August 2020, and now has over 270,000 followers on Twitter and a combined 300,000+ followers across all his social media platforms.

Clint is also the host of The Growth Guide Podcast, which he started as a hobby in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, and will be celebrating his 100th episode in 2023.

Most recently, he started the weekly Growth Guide Newsletter in February 2023, and already has 7,000 avid readers.

Clint is a lifelong learner and growth fanatic with a goal to help 1 billion people be better, achieve more, and become financially free. He does this by sharing lessons from millionaire mentors, expert authors, and his own life.