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The Break - with Michael Gardon

Aug 14, 2023

#482: Imagine hearing growing up and hearing metal shell casings hit the street. Imagine being abandoned by your father, and then later your step father.

Then imagine creating over $50M in sales for a niche finance company, only to create your own business so you could travel around the world and work from anywhere.

This is Jermane Cheathem’s story. He could have been a victim like so many others in his early life. But he broke that identity. Instead he learned to trust himself, engineered his environment and built a bulletproof mindset that he could accomplish anything.

Today Jermane helps others find freedom and entrepreneurship by teaching them the niche world of equipment finance sales. 

Jermane just blew me away with his enthusiasm and impenetrable mindset. This conversation definitely made me want to level up in many ways, starting with my mind!